Professional Operations Inc. (PRO-OPS) was established in the fall of 1992 with the specific goal of focusing the knowledge and experience of  its Principal, Rhonda E. Harris, P.E., directly on the challenges faced by municipal and privately owned utilities in operating their environmental facilities and systems.

PRO-OPS is deeply experienced in all areas of utility operations and management;  a large part of the firm’s work had involved the development of curricula and training for utility related coursework.  PRO-OPs is uniquely positioned to assist a municipal or privately owned utility with any o the challenges it faces, at any stage of its development, operations and management.


PRO-OPS is dedicated to the development of efficient, economical operations and management of systems and facilities through engineering  and management consulting assistance and technical curriculum development and training.

PRO-OPS is dedicated to the development of economical, cost-effective and efficient systems and facilities operations and management of municipal and privately owned utilities.  These services are provided through the use of a broad variety of engineering, operations and management consulting  assistance, operations and performance reviews and technical training.  The firms dedication is the result of many years of experience in design, construction, job management, operations and troubleshooting for environmental facilities and systems.

PRO-OPS staff are experienced in all aspects of environmental facility and systems management and operations.

PRO-OPS also develops curricula for a broad range of utility operations topics, and provides the hands on training for staff.  

PRO-OPS brings great value to clients by virtue of our extensive “hands-on” experience in utilities management and operations.  If offering recommendations to our clients, we draw on real experience in the operations and management of systems similar to their own, rather than just a theoretical knowledge based on technical reading and attendance at educational seminars.